Kompact Rollers

The Kompact Alloy Rollers give you a smaller, lower profile set of rollers for traveling or warming up at races. You can select the 3.0 or 2.25 size drums. Fits 38” to 42” wheelbases only. Available in orange or black frame.

For the ultimate in portability and compactness, the Kompact Hot Dog Rollers feature the 10” width Alloy 3.0 Drums together with the Kompact Frame.  

Kreitler Kompact Challenger 3.0

Standard features include:

  • Aluminum drums turned on a CNC lathe with near perfect concentricity.

  • Instrument quality shield bearings for the smoothest, quietest ride available on rollers.

  • Quality steel frames, welded in exacting fixtures and black epoxy powder coated.

  • Frames fold for easy storage and transport and easily adjust to change wheelbase with no tools necessary.

Available for purchase on our sister-site, MRP Bike.


Kreitler Rollers are made in Grand Junction, CO


Built to last, all Kreitler Rollers carry a Lifetime Warranty.

Kreitler Rollers are portable

Every model of Kreitler Drum is available in the Hot Dog, 10" width - desirable for the most experienced roller riders who want an additional challenge or maximum portability from their rollers.