Riding Kreitler rollers

4 reasons to ride rollers

Cyclists have been riding rollers for over a century. Their simplicity, portability, and the results they produce, make rollers a key training tool for any serious cyclist. No other training system provides this rich collection of foundational benefits.

Smoother pedal stroke

Riding rollers will immediately expose any issues with your pedal stroke. If you’re “pushing squares,” you’ll notice yourself bouncing. If you’re putting more power into one leg versus the other (which is a common problem), you’ll find yourself drifting on the rollers, quickly realizing which leg is being favored. Spinning on rollers will allow you to discover these issues and work to build new muscle memory correcting the problem areas.

Increase efficiency

By focusing on a smoother pedal stroke, you’ll unlock new levels of efficiency on the bike. It’s simple, a smoother cadence and better power distribution will lead to a higher output with less effort.

Improve balance

Riding rollers requires you to maintain your line within a small space. You are engaging your core the whole time to make the small adjustments required to stay on the rollers. This will pay off on the road, giving you more stability and, again, efficiency.

Increase speed

Our roller drums are perfectly smooth and spin on high-end sealed bearings, so, alone, they provide very little resistance. This allows you to push big gears at high speeds (cadence) which benefits muscular endurance. Being able to produce big wattage is great, but being able to produce it over extended periods and finish a race strong is even better. Furthermore, a fast cadence is preferred over slower as it requires more from your cardiovascular system versus your skeletal muscles, which recover slower.

How do I choose the perfect system for me?