Kreitler Training Stations have everything you need for a lifetime of indoor cycling training. You may choose the Kat 1 system with Alloy rollers or Kat 2 with Challenger rollers. Each station includes 4.5 rollers, the Killer Kool Headwind Fan, the Flywheel, and a Fork Stand. With a Kreitler Training Station, you can go from easy spinning to maximum intensity workouts. Use the Fork Stand for extreme sprint efforts or on days when you just don’t feel like concentrating. Requires approximately 80 inches x 26 inches of floor space when used with a standard road bicycle.

KAT 1 Kreitler Training Station

Standard features include:

  • Aluminum drums turned on a CNC lathe with near perfect concentricity.

  • Instrument quality shield bearings for the smoothest, quietest ride available on rollers.

  • Quality steel frames, welded in exacting fixtures and black epoxy powder coated.

  • Frames fold for easy storage and transport and easily adjust to change wheelbase with no tools necessary.

Kreitler Roller Flywheel

The included FLYWHEEL provides a smooth round pedaling action similar to road riding. It increases your roll-down time and gives you the energy to push your pedal through the“deadspots”of your spin. 

Kreitler Roller Killer headwind fan

KAT 1 and 2 Training Stations also include the KILLER KOOL HEADWIND FAN which mimics the air drag you get when you ride the road. It has been calibrated to provide you with a full level of resistance. 

Kreitler Roller forkstand

The FORK STAND attaches to your fork when all you want is to get your heart and legs pumping with the ease of a stationary. You can also use the fork stand to refine your pedal stroke by pedaling with one leg. When you can pedal without excessive side to side wheel movement, your spin will be silky smooth.