Challenger Rollers

The Challenger’s polycarbonate end caps require less material and labor to manufacture and are thus a great lower-cost alternative to our flagship Alloy systems. The ride quality of the Challenger Rollers are every bit as good as the Alloy – providing the same smooth and silent roller experience Kreitler has been known for almost forty years. Challenger Rollers come with the same Lifetime Warranty against any manufacturing defects or flaws as their Alloy Counterparts. However, if you plan on adding either the Headwind Fan and/or a Flywheel, be aware that because of the added friction from those accessories they are only recommended for use with Challenger 4.5 drums. With the Challenger 3.0 and Challenger 2.25 drums, they will cause premature end cap wear, which is not covered under the Lifetime Warranty.  On the 3.0 and 2.25 drums, Alloy endcaps are recommended if the Fan or Flywheel are being used.

Kreitler Roller Challenger 4.5

Kreitler Rollers are hand crafted using only the highest quality materials and carry a Lifetime Warranty. Standard features include:

  • Aluminum drums turned on a CNC lathe with near perfect concentricity.

  • Instrument quality shield bearings for the smoothest, quietest ride available on rollers.

  • Quality steel frames, welded in exacting fixtures and black epoxy powder coated.

  • Frames fold for easy storage and transport and easily adjust to change wheelbase with no tools necessary.

Kreitler Rollers made in the USA

Kreitler Rollers are made in Grand Junction, CO


Built to last, all Kreitler Rollers carry a Lifetime Warranty.

Kreitler Roller Wheelbase Adjustment

Standard frames adjust easily without tools to fit most bikes.